Our 2nd Sprint Triathlon

Erik and I are excited we finished our 2nd Sprint Triathlon this past weekend. It was a lot of fun and something I think you should do! If you are interested in running your first Sprint Triathlon then please refer to the “Training for a Triathlon” article which discusses:

  • How We Trained
  • What to Expect & Gear to Buy?
  • Tips for Your First Tri
  • Goal for Next Year

What is a Sprint Triathlon?
A triathlon is a race consisting of swimming, bicycling, and running.  A sprint triathlon is one that usually has a 500-750 meter swim, 12-13 mile bike ride, and a 5km run. What’s great about a sprint triathlon is each distance is fairly short and does not require as much training. If you really want to challenge yourself then you can try an olympic triathlon, half iron, or an ironman. For me, I love the sprint triathlons!

My big milestone of doing my 2nd sprint triathlon is that I actually did the run without my bike helmet still on! The first time I did a sprint tri I was so excited to be finished with the bike and be on the final leg of the race that I sprinted out of the transition area with my bike helmet still on! I knew soon as I left the area that I had left it on but I didn’t want to take a penalty or get disqualified for discarding my helmet.

The other interesting part was that my run time was actually faster last year, the year I ran with the bike helmet on…so I guess I run better with a bike helmet.

Why Did We Do a Tri?
I originally signed us up last year to give us motivation to try to get in shape. I had my baby girl in October 2010 and I was hoping to be in shape by August 2011 in order to finish my first sprint triathlon. It was great motivation to go to the gym at least a few times a week. After our 1st sprint triathlon we knew we were able to complete it and so we didn’t train as much as we originally did for the first tri but we still had to stay in good enough shape to finish again. We think it is important to show our kids how to enjoy the outdoors such as biking, running, and swimming and that it is ok to compete in front of other people. Our four year old son loves playing sports but we learned this past spring he does not like to play in front of other people. We hope to show him the most important thing is to just do your best and to not worry about the people watching you.


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