Is There a Fire?

No…just time to wake up for school! I will always remember the day my son started kindergarten with the words, “Mommy is there a fire?”

Morning Wake-Up
When I went to wake the kids at 6:15AM my kindergartener says, “I think it is still dark outside.” My almost 3 year old says, “Mommy is there a fire?” (My kids take after me and enjoy sleeping in late so a 6:15AM wake-up was about 2 hours earlier than they were use to.)

My kindergartener decided he did not like what I had picked out for his 1st day of school but settled on his Spider-Man shirt which worked perfectly with his Spider-Man book bag, lunch box, and thermos. He even cooperated for the school pictures in front of the house.

1st Day Kindergarten

Bus Stop

He was excited to walk to the bus stop and get pictures with all of his friends.

Walking to School Bus

As the bus approached we tried to get a picture of our neighborhood (all 67 kids?) but my kindergartener was too focused on making sure he got on the bus that he didn’t join in that picture. He made sure he was the first one on the bus and in the first seat. I was so proud of him for being so brave.

On the Bus


I’m not sure getting on the bus first was the best idea as it took some time for the other 66 children to load the bus. I watched his face change from excitement, to uncertainty, to concern, to “I want off this bus!” Thank you to the kind bus driver that let me give him an extra hug and thank you to his friends that made room for him to join them on their bus seat.

The Expression Says it All…

Then my preschooler and I got in the car and drove to the school (like many other kindergarten moms) and I got there just in time to see my son get off the bus. Once again being very brave. Once I saw he was safely inside with his teacher we left before he saw us.

1st Day Part II

My kindergartener then rode the bus from Elementary school to an after school program which he’ll attend for an additional 3 hours making his total day 6 hours of school.

Kindergarten Part II

Once again, I secretly was there taking pictures and making sure everything was ok. I then made the decision to run over to give him a quick hug and kiss and the happy look on his face was so worth it! I then quickly left before he decided he was ready to come home.

1st On and Off the Bus Again

When it was time to pick him up I got there a little early and found him playing on the playground. When I asked if he wanted to go home he said, “No…” so his sister and I waited until he officially finished his day at school.

Do I really have to go home?

When he got in the car I didn’t expect him to say much.His first comment was, “Remember you said we could go swimming sometime after school. I would like to go now.” (When I made this comment I meant in the winter we could occasionally go swimming at a local indoor swimming pool. I didn’t mean on his first day of school. I expected him to be too tired to go swimming. But since I was so proud of him for being such a big kid and I did make the comment about swimming we went swimming. It was wonderful to simply enjoy spending some time with him and my daughter. I’ll catch up on work another day.)

What Was School Like?

A few minutes into the ride home he started talking and talking and he continued to talk off and on the entire evening about his day.

“We didn’t play much we just sat and listened…maybe we’ll play more next time.”

“We watched a movie but it was a short movie…it was about going to kindergarten.”

“Tomorrow we get to have computer day.”

“I took a tour of the school and got to see where the really big kids are.”

“I got a blue eagle and when I get enough blue eagles I get to open up the treasure box.”

“I made a new friend…”

“My friend got a bloody nose….I’m not sure if he’ll be able to be in school tomorrow.”

“I was a little scared on the 1st bus but that was because it was my first day.”

One of my favorite comments: “Is that bird in the sky an eagle? Because eagles are very special they are in the Pledge of Allegiance.”

“My 2nd school also has a prize box. We get stickers too!”

At one point, I said “It sounds like you were listening to your teacher…great job!” And his response, “Yes, it was hard at times because some of the kids were talking so loud!”

One of the other comments I got a laugh at was, “Why do we have to wear this silly school bus?”

“Why do I have to wear this silly school bus?”

There were so many funny comments he made about his first day. I truly enjoyed hearing all about it and I look forward to many more conversations about his school day. (He was a little surprised when I explained he’ll be going to school again tomorrow. I don’t think he quite understood this is going to be a 5 day thing.)

I really cannot believe my baby is now in Kindergarten! Happy 1st Day of Kindergarten to my wonderful boy! May you always be so kind, considerate, compassionate, and provide joy to others. I love you!!

Congratulations to all of the parents with children starting school for the first time or returning back to school!!

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