Busch Gardens Family Vacation – Top 5 Highlights

We recently got back from our family vacation to Busch Gardens. We had a wonderful time! If you are looking to plan your own trip to Busch Gardens or Water Country USA please check out the article - Busch Gardens – Planning a Trip.

#1  – We only lost one of our children
When we were at Water Country USA we stopped to look at the map and then continued walking. I assumed our son was in the stroller that Erik and the grandparents were pushing while I walked behind holding our daughter’s hand. When we got up to the water slide, I turned and said where is our son?? Everyone looked like I don’t know? Fortunately, Water Country USA and Busch Gardens are v ery prepared for lost children. A lifeguard yelled at me for running in the park and as I exclaimed I’m looking for my 4 year old son, he calmly said, “Wait…I just heard someone with that name was re-united.” He re-confirmed on his headset that my son was re-united. When Erik made it up to where our son was…there were about ten Water Country USA employees waiting with him.

#2 -Rides…Rides…and more Rides…

Although I definitely learned I can not ride roller coasters like I use to as a teenager, I really enjoyed watching our 1 year old and 4 year old play in the splash parks, climb on the high climbing nets, and enjoy all of the great kidsiderate™ attractions.
Sesame Street Forest of Fun:

Meeting Big Bird
1 Year Old Not Sure What She Thinks…

Land of the Dragons:

Flying on a Dragon
I’m Good at Driving a Lady Bug

Scotland/ Italy:

Clydesdale Carousel
Kiddie Gliders

#3 . Dinner with Elmo
Not only did the kids eat a good dinner but everyone enjoyed the Dine with Elmo & Friends show. Our 1 year old didn’t want to hug any of her favorite friends from Sesame Street but our 4 year old enjoyed meeting everyone.

Meeting Abbey
A little too close for our 1 Year Old

#4 – Swimming at Water Country USA
I am so glad we went to Water Country USA. The kids had so much fun! Only regret is not having more time visiting the water park with the kids.

1 Year Old Ready for Water Slide
I Loved the Water Slides!

#5 – Entertainment & Illuminights
I enjoyed all of the shows at Busch Gardens! The kids loved the “Sunny Days Celebration!” at Elmo’s Castle in Sesame Street Forest of Fun, “More…Pet Shenanigans” at Shenanigans Theatre in Jack Hanna’s Wild Reserve, and they enjoyed eating dinner while watching”Entwined: Tales of Good and Grimm” at Das Festhaus in Oktoberfest. My favorite show was probably the “Celtic Fyre” in Ireland and I’m looking forward to taking the kids to that show and “Mix It Up!” in Italy next year.

Sunny Days Celebration!
Pet Shenanigans

I also enjoyed ending most nights with the Illuminights Fireworks display. There is just something special about watching fireworks….


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