Bunny Went to Preschool

1st Day of 2 Year Old Preschool
2 year old preschool

September 6, 2012

(Lunch bag is almost as big as my 2  year old.)

I expected my 2 year old to be upset on her 1st day of preschool. She is such a happy child but she is very attached to me and still occasionally gests upset when she goes to the gym daycare. But I also knew she will love preschool once she gets over me leaving her there for a few hours. The solution was to let her take bunny to school. Bunny rarely is anywhere except tucked under my 2 year old’s arm.

When we first walked in the room and saw other kids her age already upset their mommy and daddy had left  immediately my 2 year old got worried. I stayed for a few minutes until the other kids quieted down and then decided I need to make my break…or I’ll be here all day. Immediately, she tried running after me…. my heartbreaking and already I was wondering, maybe I should just wait another year…but I know she loves everything they will do at preschool.

I was later told that she lay on the floor for awhile and would not let anyone come near her but then after some time she decided to join in the playdough fun. When I picked her up…her brother and I peaked in and as expected we were pleasantly surprised to see her happily playing.

Bunny had a very busy 1st Day of Preschool – from playing with playdough, to finger painting, to dancing, to eating lunch. Overall, I think it was a very good first day of preschool. Let’s hope there are not too many more days of tears before the start of preschool.

For more information about preschool, please refer to the “Preschool Play” article or “Preschool Lessons.”

Do you plan to put your child in preschool? If so, at what age?

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