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Nursing Cover & Burp Cloth
Toy Storage Solution
Burp Cloth Blanket

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Handmade in U.S.A. - 100% Cotton
Free PEVA storage bag with your purchase!


Handmade in U.S.A. - 100% Cotton
Free PEVA storage bag with your purchase!

Patent Pending Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ Original

  • Advanced Nursing Cover & Burp Cover (Burp Cloth)
  • Cover Opens & Fastens Using Hidden Magnetic Fasteners for Mother to See Baby
  • V-Neck Opening to See Baby During Latch-On
  • Mother Maintains Privacy while Baby is Fully Covered, Partially Covered, or Virtually Uncovered
  • Internal Pocket/ Pouch for Small Baby Items
  • Cover Stores in Removable Pocket/Pouch
  • Other Uses: Large Baby Bib; Caregiver Cover (when feeding baby solid food, carrying baby, or bathing baby)
  • 100% Cotton - Soft Absorbent Terry Cloth
  • Attractive White or Black Color
  • Made in U.S.A. with Imported Materials
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Machine Washable - See Care Info

Patent Pending Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ EX (Double Layer)

  • All Features of Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ Original
  • Double Layer - Includes 100% Cotton - Soft Absorbent Terry Cloth & Flannel

Patent Pending Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ BP (Burp Cover)

  • Double Layer - Includes 100% Cotton - Soft Absorbent Terry Cloth & Flannel - Includes Top Panel ONLY
  • Burp Cover does NOT include advanced nursing cover features of the Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ Original or Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ EX
  • Does NOT include the bottom panel
  • Does NOT include internal pocket/ drawstring pouch
  • Does NOT include magnetic panel fasteners
  • Great for burping baby but if want for nursing we recommend the Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ Original or Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ EX

Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ Nursing Cover for Baby to See Mother AND
Burp Cloth that Won't Fall Off™

Versatile organic design for multiple uses: nursing with full cover (top panel & bottom panel), ability to open cover to peek in or remove bottom panel, or fasten top panel to panel fastener; while still having coverage to nurse baby and then immediately burp baby on either shoulder.

Cover for Nursing Nursing Cover with Opening to see baby Nursing & burping cover with removable pouch Burping and Nursing Cover
Full Cover
Great for Nursing
Cover Opens to See Baby
Removable Bottom Panel
Top Panel
Great for Burping
Baby nursing under cover
Baby smiling after nursing Matching Pouch if order black cover will be black Nursing with top panel only
Baby Nursing under Cover
Baby Smiling after Nursing
Bottom Panel Becomes Pouch
Nursing with Top Panel Only
Nursing with top panel fastened Baby nursing with top panel fastened Daddy wearing Peek-a-Bye-Baby cover while feeding baby Baby burping on Peek-a-Bye-Baby cover
Top Panel Fastened
Nursing with Top Panel Fastened
Daddy's Can Wear Cover Too!
Baby Burping
Please refer to this video which shows how to use cover. More videos coming soon.







The MOMMBY Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ cover was inspired by my first baby who unfortunately suffered from reflux. I was constantly changing my shirt because the burp cloths did not provide adequate coverage. In addition, the burp cloths were always falling off my shoulder.

My second baby provided the inspiration to re-design the cover to better accommodate nursing. I enjoyed using the cover for privacy while having the ability to peek at my baby since she was not hidden under a large nursing cover.

I hope the MOMMBY Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ cover makes feeding, burping, and caring for your baby easier. I wish you and your family the best.








MOMMBY cover is worn on caregiver, functioning as both a nursing cover and a burp cloth. Fasten cover around neck of caregiver. If nursing, arrange baby in nursing position under the cover and nurse as normal. The neck opening allows mother to see baby to assist with latch on. If desired, separate the top panel from the bottom panel to allow baby to be partially uncovered. Top panel keeps breast covered above. Adjust bottom panel as needed for additional coverage. To nurse with baby uncovered, arrange baby in nursing position and separate top panel from bottom panel. If desired fasten top panel to top fastener. Cover folds into bottom panel which becomes removable pocket/pouch. Please refer to the "Pictures" and the "Video" tab for more information.

WARNING: MOMMBY cover is not a baby carrier. Do not use product to carry baby. Please monitor baby when using this product. Do not leave baby unattended with product as fabric and/or strings could pose a hazard.

Washing Instructions:





Functions as Nursing Cover
and Burp Cloth

Peek-a-Bye-Baby Cover functions as Nursing Cover and Burp Cloth

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Peek-a-Bye Baby™ Original & EX Includes Cover & Removable Drawstring Pouch for Storage*
Plus FREE PEVA Storage Bag with your purchase!
Add On Burp Cloth Blanket for $6.99 - Please refer to this link for more information on the burp cloth blanket.
Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ Original
Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ EX
Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ BP*

Warning: MOMMBY Cover is not a baby carrier. Do not use product to carry baby.

*Peek- a-Bye-Baby™ BP does NOT include Removable Drawstring Pouch!