Starting the New Year…

It has been quite a busy 2013…and it is only January! I filed a communication to the USPTO in reference to my Peek-a-Bye-Baby™ cover, I started a new part-time accounting consulting job, I started teaching a new class at a local university, I have a few Yahoo Contributor articles in process, and I have plans in the works to help other small businesses (more information on this coming soon!) I am also excited about the increase in sales of the MOMMBY Storage Bags…probably due to increased searches for toy storage solutions after the holiday season. On top of that, I’m also trying to work on some of my New Year’s Resolutions to spend more quality family time…needless to say, I have been behind on my MOMMBY posts.

So I thought I would share a few pictures of some of the fun things we have been doing the month of January. Normally, these pictures would be posted in Picture Stories with no additional comments but I decided to switch things up a bit and add a little additional information.

Before it was even the New Year…the kids had fun playing in the snow during our visit to Pittsburgh. It was really our daughter’s first time playing in the snow. She tried sled riding twice…did not really like it (it was a pretty big hill) but I was proud of her for attempting it. Her favorite thing was just building piles of snow. Our 4 year old really enjoyed sled riding especially with his friend and also family members. We hope we get more snow this winter season!

Having Fun Playing in the Snow

We started the New Year with a New Year’s Day party. It is our family tradition to have pork, saurkraut, and mashed potatoes to start the New Year. So we decided to have some of our friends over to join in the celebration. The kids had fun playing with the new holiday toys and making homemade noise makers. I put rice in white paperbags, stapled them shut and had glitter, crayons, markers, and stickers to decorate the bags. We are still finding glitter in the house. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea…but the kids seemed to have fun with the project.

It still amazes me how fast kids grow up. I can’t believe how well my 2 year old can ride a scooter. It may take us longer to get to the playground than we actually play but it is fun to watch her determination to get there all by herself. My 4 year old was very patient stopping and waiting for us.

Riding My Scooter

With everything that was going on this month….let’s just say the kids were doing a lot of independent play while I was working at the computer. Usually, this works out fine although one day I turned around to find my 4 year old very proud of the fort he built. I would not recommend this but it still makes me laugh when I look at the picture.

Like my Fort?

One of the other accomplishments this month was finally getting the kids a haircut! I was proud of my 4  year old son that sat for over 30 minutes to get a  haircut…it had been awhile since his last cut. He looked like a different boy when he was finished. I was also proud of my 2 year old daugher who eventually sat by herself for a haircut. She started out on my lap initially but eventually decided she would do it by herself. I love the seroius look on her face.

Getting a Haircut…

I feel very fortunate my son and daughter love and take care of each other. Most of the time when I pick up my kids from the gym childcare they are sitting like this. They are watching tv in the little kids room…and although I would prefer them to be playing (not watching tv) it makes me happy to see them together. My 4 year old prefers to play in the “big kid” area and although he occasionally will go there he usually ends up back in the little kid room watching out for his sister. This makes up for the “she’s touching me” “she’s looking at me” “he pushed me” that happen the rest of the day. :)

Brother and Sister Love

One of our New Year’s Resolutions (more on this coming soon) is to finish up some of our house to do projects. A big thanks to my husband for finishing painting our downstairs hallway! It is amazing what a difference paint can make. Also,  a special thanks to our 4 year old….he really did help do a few strokes of final touches on the wall.

4 Year Old Painting

I’m thankful for a wonderful start to the New Year and hopeful things will eventually “settle down” a little…well one can always wish.

I hope you are having a good January…please share what things you are doing in 2013.

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